July 10, 2002  |  Prague

I think people often take circuitous, at at least oblique, routes to their goals, and not by accident but intentionally. I arrive in Prague at last, six weeks after leaving home. I arrive on the night train so by 6:30am I am in the old town square, taking pictures simply because there was no one there... I don't know what anything is or where I am, but no matter, it's for me alone to have a conversation with and find out the answers. This was a indeed fortuitous chance for a first impression--I quickly concluded this is the most beautiful city I've seen in Europe so far. Of course, I've not seen Florence, Venice, the other likely favorites of large cities, but Prague, frequently described as "magical" lives up to its reputation. History is alive here and the architecture is more varied, giving it a more charming and accessible feel. I extend my stay and scour the English newspaper which has a young, irreverant editorial tone I'm used to. However five nights pass quickly... I must leave tomorrow. Perhaps I can write more about it then...

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